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"Know That You'll Be My Downfall...

Short one today :)

I talked to Chris [from the stadium] for about an hour last night, we're supposed to get together tonight...... should be interesting to say the least. I'm nervous as well as excited for it.

I have spent a good portion of the last 4 days in bed, on my computer.... not doing allllll the work I am supposed to be doing. Fuck. I've been so uninspired, and unmotivated. Not really sure what's wrong. It could be the B.C. kicking in since I recall this happening to me the last two times I went off it then started on it again-- but regardless, it SUCKS; I guess having my period before that would explain thursday-sunday too. Who knows.

Since I've been a hermit I have also become 100% addicted to Omegle.com. It's literally random chatting with strangers- no usernames, signing up or anything. You can be whoever and talk about whatever and if you get sick of who you are talking to- you just disconnect! They can never find you again. It's a lot of fun and I've talked to some interesting people from all over the world - Italy, Turkey, different parts of the US, Canada, India... Some people are duds but others work out to be a good time.

Everyone is ending their semester, I'm looking forward to Akilah and Mike returning to the Island, and there are a lot of pirate expeditions, lawn gnome thefts, and parties planned. Hopefully we will make the most of this summer -- it's going to be one of the last that everyone is together.

Mel is talking about moving to Florida with Justin at the end of the year, and Akilah's going to London next semester, mike will be away at school and who knows where I'll end up.... I'd love to move to the city but it's so costly and I'd need to find a job there.

So it turns out Brian isn't mad at me, he was just busy. Personally I think he could have taken two seconds out of his "busy schedule" to TELL ME he wasn't mad at me, since he didn't talk to me after the whole ordeal over the girl, it would have been nice to mention. Then we were talking for like half an hour and I bring up hanging out, and all the sudden he stops answering back. I have no more patience for him, whatever.

This entry is short and scattered, but just happens to be what is on my mind.

...But I Call And I Call And I Call."

"He's Wet From Head To Toe...

Work has been pretty busy the last few days, and I've come home and done nothing after due to sheer exhaustion.

Communion season still isn't as bad as Christmas season though... so I'm okay lol. Today I came home around 4 and by 6 was nodding off, ended up falling asleep and hearing no signs of life till 11...... People were in and out of my room, phones were ringing, my sister was home and getting ready, and I heard NONE of it... damn lol. I slept through the second half of my sunday lol. It was actually really beautiful weather out too - a change from the absurd bouts of rain we had been having....

I'm kinda missing Brian- he was fun to hang out with, and I was starting to like him... It still has me urked that I haven't spoken to him in a week.... Total BS if you ask me, I didn't do anything wrong. Whatever I guess... I was looking forward to hanging out on his boat and going to bars with him when I turned 21 and shit; but I suppose so much for that.


So by day me and Mel are regular girls, and by night- we are Ducks Stadium Celebrities! hahah.

Last week I went to Ducks Stadium almost every night, me and Melissa are total freaks and manage to make friends everywhere we go, so naturally there is no exceptions here .

We go up to the ticket booth Tuesday to buy our first same day tickets and there are a whole group of cute guys in there- most excellent lol. We actually ended up running into two of them again at the game later that night, Carlos & Chris. They were really chill, and even the ones we didn't run into again were nice since we went back 3 days in a row after that to buy more same day tickets. Everyone that works at the stadium from the seat-wipe guy to the ice cream salesman are always smiling at us and waving. I guess we stand out a little since we are just two random girls that were at 4 games in a row-- and it isn't a very big place.

The firs night there we ran into Chris again- he was at the entrance handing things out (The stadium has like different things to give away at most of the games, first night was Magnetic Schedules, next was Pet Sponges, day after was Teeshirts [which we didn't get!!!] and then thursday was "Swine Flu Prevention Awareness Night" and they gave out Hand Sanitizer hahah)

Anyway, so we walk in saw Carlos too. They both greeted us, considering we'd seen them 2 hours prior when purchasing the tickets.

Now that Mel is 21 we pretty much drink everywhere, so why would a Baseball game be any different? We ended up buying beers and daquiris and getting drunk- it was a good time. The first night we also went with Angela and Danny.

So somewhere towards the end of the game, Chris comes up and walks over and handed me a ball. Apparently he  went up on to the roof and grabbed one (like SO many of them do since it's minor league and there are a loooooooooot of fouls! lol) and brought it over to me. Pretty cute if you ask me. He still hadn't formally introduced himself though, we just read the nametag and when I asked him his name he said "Don't worry about it."

I'm dumb though and we had spent most of the game trying to get a ball for the little kid sitting in our section because he was ADORABLE so as soon as he gave me the ball I was like awe thanks! and then gave it away to the kid. Which I immediately regretted because I was there with Melissa, Angela & Danny and they all made fun of me saying he was hitting on me and I blew it... but it's okay because he brought me another ball when he found out I hooked the little kid up with one lol

Chris actually turns into a whole 'nother story by itself, but nothing I really feel like getting into here lol.

We ended up seeing him every game that week- he would come up and just BS with us for a few minutes, anywhere from once to a handful of times. Turns out he's the Facilities Manager for the stadium. We ran into Carlos again a few times too, including once in the absolute Pooring rain! We were soaked, standing on lower level because we decided to take a walk down there and most of the stadium had cleared out due to the weather... but the team won, so it wasn't too bad.

They both walk around the stadium and stuff so it's easy to run into them, and we usually just make some small passing convos.

Note to self - Ducks Stadium only accepts cash in most places.... lol. We actually got stuck at the Daquiri booth because we pulled out Credit cards to pay for our drinks, and they took cash only... and of COURSE the ATM was out! So we had to wander around ducks stadium trying to get cash till someone told us we could buy "Duck Bills" *rimshot*, they are basically Duck's Stadium money, from the Gift Shop. So after 20mn of making random conversation with the Daquiri guy while we switched on and off going to look for cash and trying to get in touch with Angela for money, we managed to make friends with him too hahah.

Everybody at the stadium is actually really nice, even the usher in the upper level is adorable, he's this old guy named Ray and he always has such a great smile on when we come up there and he pretty much lets us sit wherever. After sitting in the same section 4 days in a row, he pretty much recognized us (even only the 2nd day) and he's just too nice!

The seats are great too, the stadium is kinda small since its minor league so really there aren't many "bad" seats, and for $14 we sit in the Club Seats, which have an Awning and a picnic area, as well as waiters and our own section to buy food so there really aren't lines or crowds; but we do get up and wander around the stadium pretty often, which is why most of the people who work there recognize us by now lol.

The food is a bit pricy but other than that it's a pretty cheap day out - we usually get drunk or smoke before we go and then have a beer or two at the actual stadium, and just hang out. It's been shitty and rainy out for every game though, so hopefully it will be nice soon that way I can take my camera and get some shots- I really like the view from our seats and personally I enjoy the minor league games more than major! The Mets games were always huge, hectic, took us SO long to get there and back (Ducks Stadium is not even 15mn from our house!) and cost waaaaaaay more that $14 to get in to, plus we had to pay for a train or gas to get there. We can afford to go to more games since they are closer and cheaper :) It's a great way to kill a few hours when you have nothing to do, which during the week we usually don't!  A lot of interesting people there, and Mel & I love to people watch so it's really a great time.

They are away this week unfortunately so I've been occupying myself with other things, including the yearbook which I am so close to being done with that I am going crazy! Every single time I think it's finished, I have to do something else. It is a HUGE disappointment especially since I don't have the correct software to be doing all this! But it's going to pay ~$1300 so that's okay by me haha. Too bad I have to pay bills with it all, but after that ALL my money is mine, the only bills I will have are my monthly student loan, GoDaddy to keep my site running, and the gym (which I do plan on going back to ... soon... yea... lol)

Things haven't been too awful, aside from this stupid situation with Brian they've actually been pretty good. I'm DYING for Mike & Akilah to get home, school is letting out for them shortly and I sense a great summer approaching!

"...And His Eyes Give Her The Up And The Down"